Today’s marketplace demands quick solutions and even quicker delivery. That’s why Apex Designs takes full advantage of the latest innovations in three-dimensional CAD modeling technology. 3-D modeling has the distinct advantage of allowing designers to model an animated simulation of the entire machine or assembly.  Design work is performed concurrently with simulations that optimize the model, eliminating the need for costly trial-and-error prototyping and streamlining the path to production.

Additionally, 3-D modeling allows designers to create attractive, scaled illustrations for easy review in both electronic and printed form. Photo-realistic renderings and motion simulations are frequently used for proposals and marketing purposes, and 3D printing of close tolerance parts is changing the rules of traditional manufacturing.  Apex Designs is a licensed user of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modeling software.


Finite Element Analysis

6 axis automated x-ray inspection machine for ATK Launch Systems inspects solid fuel igniter cylinders used on NASA’s Orion Missile and Space Shuttle programs


“I can’t thank you enough, you’re team has been a pleasure to work with. I especially appreciate your technical abilities, high quality of workmanship, level of professionalism, timely responses, and all around great attitude. I will also be sure to let everyone know that comes to see our system, that you were the one to build it!”


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ATK Launch Systems

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