MPTS Wet Lab Microscope Stand


The MPTS is a free standing laboratory-grade microscope stand designed specifically for wet lab environments.   The MPTS comprised of a medical grade motorized telescoping column that has 230mm of vertical motion, a rigid baseplate, a medical grade controls system, and a microscope mount that can accommodate optics packages and accessories weighing up to 35lb.  All components are corrosion resistant and designed to withstand splashing that is commonplace in a wet lab environment.  The MPTS’ standard functionality includes controls for focus, zoom, and light intensity.  Integrated optics packages range from simple laboratory grade units to fully accessorized surgical grade Ophthalmics with optional hand or foot controllers.  Our team has numerous patents with Ophthalmic microscope related products.  We can custom design a stand to run your optics package with a wide array of options, program routines etc.  Turn-key microscope packages are also available.  Please call to discuss options and pricing.

TP-3 Helical Probe Test


Soil exploration and compaction testing by the helical probe test (HPT) has become popular for providing a quick and accurate method of determining soil properties at relatively shallow depths. The HPT test is attractive for field testing on geotechnical projects because it is very portable and can be performed by one person very quickly. The torque required to turn the probe is used as a measure of the soil's compaction properties. Preliminary ASTM testing has determined that the HPT method correlates well to standard penetration testing (SPT) and Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) with empirical calibration.

Apex Designs’ HPTs are manufactured using precision machined helical bits with a 3/4 inch hex driver/extension coupler and alloy steel shafts. The 60 inch long assemblies are TIG welded in fixtures and inspected for straightness to provide consistent, repeatable test results. Extension shafts are available to your specification in lengths up to 72 inches. Please call for HPT pricing and ordering.


TP-3 Complete Kit

includes HPT, 5 ft Extension Rod, Memory Dial Torque Wrench and Drive Socket

$499 plus shipping and handling